Which features does the Dutchtub offer?

The Dutchtub is a spacious wood-fired hot tub, suitable for bathing outdoors. With its eye-catching design the Dutchtub makes a great addition to your garden, terrace, holiday destination or other outdoor space. The tub is large enough to fit four adults comfortably; the slope of the tub’s side naturally forms ergonomic “seats.” The Dutchtub works surprisingly simple. The fire in the fire basket heats the coil and the water in the coil. The warm water rises and flows into the tub. This makes the cold water on the tub’s floor flow into the coil, causing a natural circulation. This way the fire heats the water in the Dutchtub and keeps it warm for as long as you like.

What does it take to heat the Dutchtub?

To heat the Dutchtub to a comfortable temperature of 38°C, you will need about a bag and a half of firewood. Heating takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Maintaining the Dutchtub's temperature during use takes about one bag of firewood.

Which weather conditions will the Dutchtub withstand?

The Dutchtub’s strong material makes it able to withstand normal weather conditions (sun, rain, snow and hail). We advise against leaving water in the Dutchtub during the winter. When water freezes it expands and this may damage the coil.

How much maintenance does the Dutchtub require?

The Dutchtub requires little maintenance due to the use of durable materials and its solid construction. Still, the better the Dutchtub Original is kept clean, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. We advise to empty the Dutchtub Original after every use and to flush the coil with clean water. The Dutchtub can easily be cleaned with a cloth and a mild cleaning product like Ecover. Under no circumstances use a scouring pad or aggressive cleaning products. The tub can withstand salts dissolved in water, soap, hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of chloride. However, the use of chlorine is not our preferred way of enjoying the Dutchtub.