Dutchtub Original

Dutchtub Original


Experience the luxury of an outdoor tub in a complete new way. The Dutchtub is heated by wood and uses natural circulation only.

  • Description

    The Dutchtub Original is a real eye-catcher and brings something magical to any outdoor space. The award-winning hot tub works surprisingly simple: wood fired and with natural circulation. With its smart lightweight construction and the sturdy, long-lasting materials, the hot tub can also easily be moved. The polyester requires little to no maintenance, is weather-proof and colourfast, so the tube can stay outdoors all year round.


    The Dutchtub Original comes with a fire basket for the coil, a special wok, a turbo valve for fast heating and a fibreglass cover.



    • Ashtray
    • Windshield
    • Chimney
    • Winter cover
    • Hand trailer


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    How it works
    The fire in the fire basket heats the coil and the water within: the hot water will rise and run into the tub, letting the colder water at the bottom of the tub flow into the coil and thus creating a natural circulation. This way the fire heats the water in the Dutchtub and keeps it warm as long as you like.


  • Specifications

    Floris Schoonderbeek




    Fibreglass/polyester/stainless steel


    • W260 x D170 x H84 cm

    Weight / capacity

    • 75 kg / 650 litre



    • Orange
    • Pebble Grey
    • Pigeon Blue
    • Olive Green
    • Terra Red
    • Available in any RAL colour on request



    • Cover for protection
    • Wok to control the fire
    • Fire basket to hold the firewood



    • Heating Dutchtub to 38°C: ± 2 hours ± 1 bag of fire wood
    • Retaining Dutchtub at 38°C: ± 1 bag of fire wood for 4 hours


  • Delivery

    • 2-3 weeks*
    • Special RAL colour +3 weeks
    • Free UK delivery

    * Due to high demand the estimated delivery time for the Dutchtub Original is currently 30 weeks. Contact us for more information.