Dutchtub Wood

Dutchtub Wood


The Dutchtub Wood you will give you the indulgent experience of outdoor bathing. Wood fired with natural circulation.

  • Description

    Luxury does not have to be complicated. The Dutchtub Wood combines the aesthetics of a traditional tub with the comfort of the Dutchtub Original. The Dutchtub Wood is covered with sustainable wood from Platowood and requires little to no maintenance. The natural casing of the tub is weather-resistant, with giving it a classic yet contemporary look. The hot tub works surprisingly simple: wood fired and heated by natural circulation.


    The Dutchtub Wood comes standard with a fibreglass top, a fire shield, a hosepipe connection and a Dutchtub wok that keeps the heat of the fire within the spiral.



    • Ashtray
    • Side table
    • Wind shield
    • Chimney


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    How it works
    The fire in the fire basket heats the coil and the water within: the hot water will rise and run into the tub, letting the colder water at the bottom of the tub flow into the coil and thus creating a natural circulation. This way the fire heats the water in the Dutchtub and keeps it warm as long as you like.

  • Specifications

    Floris Schoonderbeek





    Glassfibre/stainless steel/Platowood Fraké (sustainable)



    • W234 x D170 x H72 cm


    Weight / capacity

    • 85 kg / 600 litre



    • Green-grey interior



    • Cover for protection
    • Wok to control the fire
    • Fire basket to hold the firewood



    • Heating Dutchtub to 38°C: ± 2 hours, ± 1 bag of fire wood,
    • Retaining Dutchtub at 38°C: ± 1 bag of fire wood for 4 hours


  • Delivery

    • 2-3 weeks*
    • Free UK delivery

    * Due to high demand the estimated delivery time for the Dutchtub Wood is currently 30 weeks. Contact us for more information.